Infinity Studio Inc. | About
I have been a professional photographer for twenty-three years. My business, Infinity Studio Inc., has provided the best architects, interior designers, builders, development companies and property mangers around Cleveland and multi-state area around Ohio with the highest World Class architectural photography at competitive prices with responsive service.
I owe my "eye" and my discipline for exacting work to two people. My Uncle, Bill Baughman, photographer and pictorial editor at US Camera Annual, National Geographic Magazine, World Book Encyclopedia, Cleveland Museum of Natural History nationally syndicated Explorer Magazine, and judge of many photo competitions, was my primary teacher-relentless in his emphasis on sharpness, composition, illumination and on capturing the spirit and distinctiveness of a place and a moment in time. He was also my mentor in establishing my business, guiding me in seeing my work product through my clients eyes, helping me to understand how to make my images "sing" for my clients.
From my father, Judson H. Webb, I learned the power of work, attention to detail, and how to follow-up on every opportunity. An avid sailor and an award-winning photographer himself, he inspired my first career as a sailboat builder and finish woodworker for yachts and then supported my evolution as a professional photographer.
I credit my success to the gifted training and advice of these two men. My business is successful to the extent that I am able to capture images that elevate the best features of my clients work. It is an honor to preserve what I have learned and see it recognized in the success of my clients, who with images from Infinity Studio Inc., have received well more than 50 awards, many national and three international, and who have graced the covers of 24 magazines and books across the region and the nation plus numerous other feature Articles/ National Awards.

William H. Webb